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The Sun Diamond Difference

Conflict Free Diamonds

We want you to feel good about every aspect of your new Jewelry, from the sourcing to the final product. This is why we only source Diamonds that are warranted conflict-free and comply with the Kimberly Act. Sun Diamond sources Diamonds from reputable, well-known diamond manufacturers and suppliers who participate in the system of warranties and are compliant with the Kimberley Process.

Proudly Made in the USA

All our engagement rings are designed, casted, hand set and finished in the USA. We’re committed to supporting our partners, employees, local community and the US economy by manufacturing all of our products in the USA.

Recycled Precious Metals

Our Jewelry is made from Recycled Precious Metals. Recycled gold and platinum is most commonly sourced from old Jewelry; although used electronics, catalytic converters and even some industrial byproducts contain recoverable precious metals. We are also requesting that our customers recycle their old gold and platinum Jewelry that they no longer wish to wear.

Full Customization Options

Only at Sun Diamond you can choose every aspect of your new ring from the ring style, the type of diamond, the quality of the Diamonds, and the type of metal, which will help you to easily customize and create an engagement ring that exceeds your expectations. We have designed a unique shopping experience that educates you about the different choices available to you so that you are able to customize what best fits your needs, personal preferences and budgets.

Donate part of Profits to Charity

Sun Diamond is very passionate about giving back, creating opportunity, being socially responsible and environmentally conscious. Which is why we commit to Donating a part of our profits to charity towards causes that are engaged in improving the quality of life, protect environments and generating employment in communities that are affected by the diamond trade.