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Our uniquely designed shopping experience makes it easy for your to learn about the diffrent options you have when shopping for an engegement ring and compare price value for each option in realtime.

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Solitiare Rings

A timeless classic. Ring styles that feature only one diamond as the center piece of the ring.

Pave Rings

From the French word "to Pave", Accent Diamonds are hand set to create a diamond surface with very little metal visible. Paving Diamonds to cover the metal surface on the ring.

Channel Set Rings

The accent Diamonds are set in a grooved channel on top of the band. Channel style rings have a smooth surface finish with no prongs on the band of the ring.

Side Stone Rings

Rings featuring addtional Diamonds or gemstones on the side to highlight the center stone are reffered as Side Stone Rings.

Three Stone Rings

This style of ring features two smaller stone on opposite sides of the center stone. The side stone are of the same shape as the center stone. Each stone signifies a point in time spent together as a couple. Past, Present and the Future.

Wrap Around Rings

A modern twist on engagement ring design. The band of the ring continues to wrap around the center stone of the engagement ring.

Halo Rings

Rings featuring a band of Diamonds around the center stone in shape of a halo. The Diamonds on the halo patter create an illusion of a larger center stone.

Vintage Rings

Intricate designs requiring extensive handy work such as filigree, open galleries, bridges & miligrain. Hand crafted with a vintge look.

Shop By Setting Style

One Ring Many Possibilities

Customize to your hearts content. Fully customize and choose from over 200+ ring styles and pair it with the main stone of your choice. Be it Diamonds, Gemstones or Moissanite.

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Create Your Own - Diamond Ring

Choose from over 20,000+ certified Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds.

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Create Your Own - Gemstone Ring

Choose from Precious Sapphires, Ruby and Emeralds. Available in both Natural and Lab Grown origins.

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Create Your Own - Moissanite Ring

Choose from Branded Lab Grown Moissanite. Custom shapes and sizes available.

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Visit our learning center to learn about diamonds and other main stones, engagement ring and wedding band choices and much more.

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